Triggered: BuzzFeed buys AR-15 'off Facebook' after background check + waiting period (VIDEO)

I Bought An AR-15 Using Facebook

I Bought An AR-15 Using Facebook

Posted by BuzzFeed News on Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Somehow a BuzzFeed News reporter was able to legally purchase a firearm after a NICS check and mandatory 10-day California waiting period for first time buyers. The horror.

But seriously, the aim of the piece seems to be that the San Francisco-based Alex was able to take $750 cash and drive to nearly Los Angeles to rendezvous with a dude he met through Facebook at a gun shop in Rancho Cucamonga to buy an AR-15.

Of course, Alex submitted his mandated DROS paperwork for Kamala Harris’s DOJ to proceed with his sale then start his nearly two week wait while everything was properly probed. After a federal background check and the wait, he was able to get the gun (which he really should have had someone show him how to use. Oh, and Google: cheek weld).

So the shocking crux of the article (wait for it):

And that’s the thing: By and large people aren’t selling guns illegally on Facebook. This isn’t a black market. The gun sales orchestrated on Facebook appear to be aboveboard in the eyes of the law; they’re just happening in violation of Facebook policy.

While we were on the phone, my seller asked if he could add me on Facebook. Becoming Facebook friends allowed us to vet each other. I could look at his profile and gauge if he seemed like a trustworthy seller. And he, more critically, could go through mine to look for red flags.

“You seemed like a normal dude,” he later told me. “Anything crazy — post, images or anything disturbing I wouldn’t sell.”

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