Man scales Trump Tower with suction cups (VIDEO)

A man spent more than two hours scaling the side of the Trump Tower in Manhattan Wednesday afternoon before finally being apprehended by authorities.

The man, who officials believe was scaling the skyscraper simply as a means of self-promotion, was using suction cups to make his way up the side of the building and carrying self-promotional leaflets of some sort.

He apparently made his entry through the fifth-floor atrium before both police and fire rescue arrived on the scene. First responders made holes in duct work and broke windows in an attempt to get the man off the side of the building. A safety net sat at ground level in case the man’s scaling skills proved less than professional.

After multiple attempts to cut off the guy’s path, officers were finally able to grab the man and drag him into the building. He was removed on a stretcher, but there were no reports of any injuries.

Authorities said he had no weapons and it did not appear his intentions were ill.

Then, following the fiasco, this video surfaced.

[ ABC News ]

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