Do Pop-Its make good targets? Kirsten Joy Weiss explores (VIDEO)

Sharpshot Kirsten Joy Weiss looked at an unconventional item as a potential target in her latest video.

Pop its, bang snaps, snaps, snappers, poppers, party snaps, whatever you choose to call them, they’re those little guys you get at the firework stand that “explode” or pop when you throw them to the ground. No doubt, they’re small, about the size of a .22, but Kirsten Joy set out to see if they were too small to be used as an effective target.

It takes a few shots, but, of course, she eventually nails it. And in the end, Kirsten Joy gives them a B+, noting that they’re easy to set up, challenging, cheap and, although not as reactive as typical exploding targets, still somewhat reactive.

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