Stabbing the heck out of stuff with a WASP Injection Knife (VIDEO)

Apparently feeling a need to get drenched in every flavor of pop and sauce available in the pantry, the guys at GY6vids broke out the WASP knife for some table top tests.

We generally cover shooty things, but of course we like stabby things here as well and the WASP is one of those more interesting of pokey objects due to the fact it has on on-board CO2 cartridge in the handle that deploys through the leading edge of the blade.

It’s described as the ultimate defense for a diver against shark attack or a hunter/hiker against large land predator (think bear) attack.

From the dealer’s site:

This weapon injects a freezing cold ball of compressed gas, approximately the size of a basketball, at 800psi nearly instantly. The effects of this injection will drop many of the world’s largest land predators. The effects of the compressed gas not only cause over-inflation during ascent when used underwater, but also freezes all tissues and organs surrounding the point of injection on land or at sea. When used underwater, the injected gas carries the predator to the surface BEFORE blood is released into the water. Thus giving the diver added protection by diverting other potential predators to the surface.

It also makes a mess out of a bottle of catsup (or ketchup).

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