Trying to defeat a $900 super secure padlock via live fire (VIDEO)

Matt on DemolitionRanch has a fair bit of experience shooting padlocks into submission but he has never gone up against the bruiser that is a military-grade Sargent and Greenleaf 833.

With an NSN # of 5340-01-217-5068, the S&G833 meet the requirements of Military Specification, “Padlock, Key Operated, High Security, Shrouded Shackle,” MIL-P-43607, and is a beast.

Some quick Google Fu finds them for sale at a site called “Security Snobs” for $875 who describe the lock as being “made up of proprietary alloys in the padlock body and shackle that give it extreme resistance to physical attacks.”

Matt brings the heat and you will be surprised how tough this lock is. Like shattering .50 BMG kinda tough.

If you are into locks (hey, we don’t judge) here is a vid on picking and gutting one, without the firearms. But take note, S&G has replaced the 833 with a newer series that is even more advanced and some lock collectors term the one that Matt shot to be “antique.”

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