Check out the new Glock 17M

The Glock 17M. (Photo: TFB)

The Glock 17M. (Photo: TFB)

Sshh! Quiet or it’ll hear you.

Images of a new Glock pistol surfaced Tuesday that show an updated version of the venerable 9mm design.

The photo shows a “Glock 17M” and was shared with The Firearm Blog by an officer with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, the website says.

TFB also lists a number of new features — internal and external — on the design. However, Glock has not released information about the pistol.

The 9mm Glock pistol has a number of iterations, starting with the Glock 17 in the early 1980s. It was the first polymer-framed handgun to receive mainstream success and has become one of the most ubiquitous designs with more than 5 million in circulation.

[ The Firearm Blog ]

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