Ex-heroin addict thanks deputy for saving her life (VIDEO)

Nearly one year ago, Brianna Byrnes was a heroin addict who had been fighting the demon off and on for 18 years, but just recently Byrnes took the time to thank the deputy who she says saved her life.

Byrnes just purchased heroin and was only a few miles from her Florida home when Martin County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin Albauer initiated a traffic stop last year. Following typical protocol, Albauer asked if Byrnes was in possession of anything illegal. Byrnes, tired of fighting her addiction, came clean with the deputy and told him everything.

Albauer listened, a gesture Byrnes never forgot. She said she didn’t want to be the person she had become anymore, but Albauer never judged her, he simply listened.

Byrnes spent six weeks in rehab and is just weeks away from celebrating a year of being drug-free. She now holds two jobs and has even regained full custody of her son. She believes if it wasn’t for that fateful day when Albauer pulled her over, she would now be dead, and in an emotional reunion, she thanked him for saving her life. Albauer, however, gave her the credit, noting that she’s the one who did the hard work.

[ CBS 12 ]

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