NYPD nets 5 guns using shotspotter tech

(Photo: NYPD)

(Photo: NYPD)

New York police sized five guns Sunday as responded to a shotspotter alert — tech that identified gunfire — early in the morning, according to a news release.

Officers were responding to the alert around 2 a.m. at an apartment building where they found empty shell casings on an apartment terrace. They spoke with the resident of the apartment and after a brief investigation found his AK-47, AR-15, three handguns and a large amount of ammo.

The 24-year-old man was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon. Police said possession of the two rifles is illegal.

Shotspotter uses highly sensitive sensor to identify the sound of gunfire. Using data recovered from the sensors, a technician can pinpoint an exact location where a shot was fired.

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