That's gonna give you a headache: 5.7x28mm vs. a Level IIIA helmet (VIDEO)

The Wound Channel tests a Striker ACH IIIA noggin protector against a multitude of loadings fired from the FN PS90.

As you may know, the  PS90 was developed as a personal defense weapon (PDW) by the good folks at Fabrique Nationale in the late 1980s as a weapon to provide some realistic penetration to NATO ground troops when encountering potential Warsaw Pact foes who were increasingly being seen in body armor.

Put in production in 1991, the PS90 and its pistol little brother the FN 5.7 have proven popular as a niche platform but debate still rolls about their capability to defeat armor– mainly based on what ammo is used.

Well, TWC has that covered by using three different types of ammo: T6B, S4M and SS198LF in this test.


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