TSA sees record-breaking week of weapons

guns seized by tsa

Surpassing previous records, last week the Transportation Security Administration reeled in 78 guns that were discovered in carry-on bags in airports across the country.

The last weekly record – 74 guns – was set just three months ago in May 2016. Most of the firearms discovered last week – 68 – were loaded and 21 were chambered with a round. TSA agents also found a nice number of other prohibited items, like knives and grenades.

Of course, gun owners can transport firearms via airplane, they just have to follow the TSA’s rules, which can be found here. But the TSA warns that in addition to being a huge inconvenience to everyone by holding up lines, passengers trying to bring weapons aboard – even without ill intentions – can face a slew of consequences, including up to an $11,000 fine.

grenade seized by tsaTSAcontraband in pill bottleknives seized by tsa

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