Are you a vet looking for a fight? The MMA wants you! (VIDEO)

The “Who’s the Toughest?” competition still has several positions to fill and where do you go to find tough guys? The military, of course!

World Series of Fighting CEO Carlos Silva said those interested in the Nov. 12 mixed martial arts competition should submit videos featuring them fighting and sparring.

But Silva said while fighting skills are a plus, they’re not necessary and only a part of what they are looking for. He says they’re seeking high energy, lots of movement and the chance to give “guys with great stories a great opportunity.”

Silva said they want to hear about life and military experiences.

“It’s a combination of what they’ve done … for all of us and our country,” he said.

But they also are particularly interested in those guys who maybe got in really bad shape and used MMA as a means to “get their lives back on track.”

“[The videos] should show their discipline and their training and the respect, anything you can say about any of our veterans,” Silva said. “We want to see how that weaves into their fighting and their story.”

Interested parties should look here for more info and go here to apply.

[ Military Times ]

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