Gun shop smash and grab caught on camera (VIDEO)

A man responsible for a smash and grab at an Idaho Falls gun shop early Tuesday morning was caught on camera while committing the crime.

After tampering with the door for a couple of minutes – and apparently completely oblivious to the cameras that were capturing his every move – he finally decided to drive his truck into the garage door at Guns N Gear just before 3 a.m.

Once inside, he began grabbing handguns out of a display case, before apparently realizing there was only so much he could carry at one time. The thief then found a basket nearby which he used to carry out the loot.

In less than five minutes, the suspect made off with 16 handguns, worth thousands of dollars. But he also left an image of his pretty little mug, as well as a clear view of his truck, for authorities.

Anyone with information on the crime or the criminal is asked to contact the Idaho Falls Police Department at (208) 529‐1200 or Crimestoppers at (208) 522‐1983.

[ East Idaho News ]

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