NY fire department told to remove American flags from truck

The Arlington Fire District in New York removed all of the American flags from their fleet of firetrucks Tuesday at the command of the Arlington Board of Fire Commissioners, but now the department and the commission is looking for a compromise after the decision led to serious backlash.

Arlington Fire Chief Tory Gallante said he was “very disappointed” with the direction of the commission, and apparently the community was as well.

But Arlington Fire Commissioner Chairman Jim Beretta said they felt the flags were a “liability during normal operations for our people and other motorists.” Beretta also pointed to the fact that they were not consulted beforehand about the decision to mount the flags to the firetrucks. The decision to do so, however, came from the union and is common practice in fire departments across the country.

Gallante, who said he hopes the issue is resolved quickly, said he is scheduled to meet with Beretta Thursday to discuss the matter and hopefully come up with a compromise.

[ Poughkeepsie Journal ]

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