Why yes, that IS a 16 shot 12 gauge shotgun, thanks for asking (VIDEO)

Hickok45 got his hands on a rarely encountered SRM Arms Model 1216, billed by the manufacturer as the first 16-round semi-automatic shotgun.

Just 34-inches long overall with a standard 18 inch barrel, the 1216 uses an under-barrel quad-tube revolving magazine, with each tube holding four shells each. It’s an interesting design that holds a few extra rounds than the UTAS-15, DP12 or the Kel Tec KSG– with the added benefit of not having to work a pump or get used to a bullpup.

It breaks down easy and uses a delayed roller blowback system rather than gas action. If you want to go shorter, the company offers two more compact NFA versions, the Model 1212 (13″in barrel) and 1208 (10″in barrel) that use a 12 and 8 shot mag, respectively.

Hickok’s 16 shot model, outfitted with a sweet Sig Sauer Romeo 4 low-profile sight, and the gun is a little strange looking, but seems like it can bring the heat.

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