Inmate’s near-escape, patrol car crash caught on camera (VIDEO)

Authorities in Arkansas are investigating what caused a Jonesboro officer to wreck his patrol car Thursday evening, ejecting an inmate out of the vehicle’s side window.

Logan Younger, 19, was in the back of the patrol car when he was able to slip out of his handcuffs, then use the handcuffs as a means to break the glass partition between the front and back seats of the patrol car. The daring (almost) escape was captured on camera, but so was the moment the vehicle wrecked, sending Younger flying out of the window.

Younger fled from the scene after the wreck, but was recaptured a short time later.

Officer Justin Thompson, who was driving the patrol car, was injured in the accident and taken to a Memphis hospital. He has since been released.

[ KATV ]

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