Spike in Utah concealed carry permits

(Photo: The Standard Examiner)

(Photo: The Standard Examiner)

The state of Utah has issued 662,720 valid concealed carry permits as of the end of June, according to the state’s Bureau of Criminal Identification.

The total number has increased by 8.3 percent from last year and 74.3 percent from five years ago, state newspaper the Standard Examiner reported. The number has steadily increased despite a crackdown on illegible finger prints.

To explain the drive, patrons are likely afraid of mass shootings and terrorism, which are both regularly covered by national media, the newspaper reported.

Also, Utah permits are recognized by 36 other states are are good for five years. BCI data shows 424,325 non-residents hold a Utah permit compared to 228,395 Utahns.

[ The Standard Examiner ]

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