Internet erupts after dad posts pics of daughter’s first kill… and her taking a bite of its heart

8 year old eating deer heart

A New Zealand dad isn’t apologizing for letting his 8-year-old daughter, Chloe, take a bite out of the “warm, quivering heart” of the first deer she killed.

The father submitted pictures of the adventure to a Facebook page for female hunters in New Zealand, and haters immediately honed in on it.

Some called it “disgusting” and “fucked up” while indicating the child could be the antichrist.

eating deer heart facebook comments

Others had mixed emotions.

facebook comments

Others essentially said meh, the girl’s having a good time with her dad.

facebook comments

And one woman attempted to set the haters straight by bringing up the questionable contents of their kids’ Happy Meals.

facebook comments

In the end, the Facebook page was shut down and the little girl’s dad remained unapologetic.

“Chloe and I love our adventures together,” he said.

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