Trump: Chicago police need to be 'much tougher' (VIDEO)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump shared his classic nondescript I met a guy who told things commentary to Chicago’s violence this week.

Responding to questioning by Fox’s Bill O’Reilly on Chicago’s violence, Tump said: “How? By being much tougher than they are right now. They’re right now not tough.”

“You can’t beat them up. You have to have a warrant to arrest (criminals),” O’Rielly said.

“All I know is this: I went to a top police officer in Chicago, who is not the police chief, and I could see by the way he was dealing with his people he’s a rough, tough guy, they respected him greatly. I said how do you think you’re doing. He said ‘Mr. Trump within one week we could stop much of this.”

When pushed, Trump said the “top police officer” did not disclose anything further and he did not ask.

In the past year, the Chicago Police Department has been the subject of much scrutiny for toughness like questionable police tactics and shootings, and racial bias on top of the surging number of homicides in the streets.

CPD refuted Trump’s claim. “We’ve discredited this claim months ago,” CPD spokesman Frank Giancamilli said Tuesday in a statement to local media. “No one in the senior command at CPD has ever met with Donald Trump or a member of his campaign.”

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