Governor takes to social media firing machine gun to promote 2A tax free holiday (VIDEO)

Mississippi 2nd Amendment Sales Tax Holiday

Starting today and running through 12:00 midnight Sunday, August 28, is the Mississippi 2nd Amendment Sales Tax Holiday. This eliminates the sales tax on firearms, ammunition and certain hunting supplies. You can find the full list of eligible items here:

Posted by Phil Bryant on Friday, August 26, 2016

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant is something of a gun enthusiast and wanted to help get the word out about the Magnolia State’s Second Amendment tax free holiday. You know what came next.

The holiday runs from Friday through Sunday and eliminates the state’s normally mandatory 7 percent sales tax on the sale of some firearms, ammunition, archery equipment and hunting supplies. You can find the full list of eligible items here.

A former sheriff’s deputy, Bryant went on to serve as state auditor and Lt. Governor before winning election in 2011. Since then he has signed legislation to change state laws to codify the right for open carry, slash prices on concealed carry permits, allow for off-body carry in a purse or bag without a license, and protect ammunition from federal government restrictions while vowing to veto anti-gun bills if they ever somehow make it past the GOP-controlled legislature to his desk.

Speaking of desks, when Bryant signed an omnibus bill earlier this year that allowed for stand your ground protections for church security teams and constitutional carry, he did so with his holstered Glock 23, a tattered Bible and a copy of the Reagan Diaries on his desk.

And, while visiting Mississippi National Guard troops during annual summer training this summer, he got some time on a 155mm howitzer.

Sometimes its good to be the governor.

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