Pastor who said Pulse victims ‘got what they deserved’ arrested for child molestation (VIDEO)

08/29/16 12:51 PM | by

Kenneth Adkins

A Brunswick, Georgia, pastor who caused a bit of controversy following the Orlando nightclub shooting after he tweeted that they got what they deserved was arrested Friday on child molestation charges.

Pastor Kenneth Adkins, 54, turned himself into the Georgia Bureau of Investigation without incident. The investigation, which is ongoing, began two weeks ago. The incidents, which allegedly occurred in a home, vehicle and church, were said to have happened in 2010 with a victim under the age of 16.

Adkins, his wife, as well as his attorney all say he is innocent and the charges are unfounded. They also scrutinized law enforcement for “rushing to judgement.”

Adkins’ wife, Charlotte, recognized in a statement that they were acquainted with the accuser, but do know what sparked what they say are false accusations.

“The young man was part of our teen ministry, we loved him as part of our church family, he is a deeply troubled young man,” she said. “Our prayers and our thoughts go out to him and remain with him even now.”

Adkins’ attorney, Kevin Gough, is certain his client will be cleared of the charges.

“As much as Kenneth Adkins has done and said over the years, he’s made a lot of enemies, whether that has anything to do with his case, we certainly hope not,” Gough added. “But it seems like there was a rush this week, in the last 24 hours for this thing – there are things – reasons for believing that.”

Following the Pulse shooting in Orlando, Adkins tweeted, “been through so much with these Jacksonville homosexuals, that I don’t see none of them as victims. I see them as getting what they deserve!!”

Adkins later backtracked and said the tweet was not aimed at victims of the Pulse shooting.

He is due in court this afternoon.

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