Dramatic footage shows officer pulling man from train tracks (VIDEO)

A New Jersey Transit officer made a daring rescue Friday in Secaucus, pulling a man from the train tracks only moments before the train rolled through.

Officer Victor Ortiz received a call about a fight, but when the officer arrived, he ran into a dire situation. One of the men involved in the incident ran away and jumped from the platform down onto the tracks.

“At that point he’s like, ‘I just want to die, I just want to die,’” Ortiz said. “He pretty much went down on his knees and down on his arms. At that point I said, ‘You’re not going to die, you’re not going to die.’”

Despite the man struggling with the officer in an attempt to remain on the tracks, Ortiz was able to pull him away. Seconds later, the transit roared past, narrowly missing the distraught man.

[ CBS ]

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