Longtime gun swapper really doesn't want to get an FFL (VIDEOS)

WSMV Channel 4

You can say what you want to Larry Petty in Centerville, Tennessee but he contends he is selling and trading guns out of his personal collection and holds he and the ATF are cool.

In the above video by WSMV, the local NBC affiliate, Petty is pretty chill, insisting he is not a dealer, checks ages requirements on gun sales and that those who say he is an unlicensed dealer are just stirring the pot.

“That comes under these do-gooders that don’t like firearms. Let them get shot at or robbed, see what they do. They buy a gun,” he said.

Petty argues he is above board and, being on a fixed income, needs extra money to help pay his wife’s mounting medical bills.

In the below video, the local news explains that Petty has business cards, orders guns for customers, maintains a store front with a sign (though does not sell guns inside of it), the ATF gave Petty a cease and desist letter in 2014 warning him to stop selling guns for a profit and the local police are sour on his actions.

“I’ve talked with the agent several times. I’ve texted her several times. There’s been a few times when I’ve tried to speak with the ATF agent and my calls haven’t been returned,” said Det. Charles Pierce with Centerville police.

Here are the ATF’s guidelines for if you need to get an FFL or not, for those who are curious.

WSMV Channel 4

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