Pizza shop to offer free pizzas in exchange for illegal guns (VIDEO)

An Indianapolis pizzeria owner fed up with constant violence in a neighborhood with one of the city’s highest crime rates has proposed an unusual solution: Pizza in exchange for guns.

“It is like a war zone,” said Donald Dancy, owner of D & C Pizza, who has had his shop for over 30 years. “It is not getting any better.”

Dancy’s plan must be approved by local authorities, but he doesn’t think it will be a problem. Additionally, he said he feels the idea of a free extra large pizza will appeal to the younger crowd.

“I can see kids 14 through 18 coming in here and buying a pizza and their guns fall out,” Dancy said.

And those are the kids Dancy hopes he can hook up with a free pizza while helping to reduce the epidemic of violence.

[ Fox 59 ]

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