Florida woman comes eye-to-eye with bear in her driveway (VIDEO)

Lake Mary resident Teliece Sander was engrossed in her mobile device while standing in her garage when a black bear decided he would drop by to talk to her about a wonderful new MLM opportunity.

The bear, seen in the two-minute long video above, comes in close and gives Sander the sniff a few times. While she kept her head on her shoulders, she told WTHR, the local NBC affiliate, she was kinda freaked out.

“Frightening,” she said. “I could move it a little bit, still breathe a little bit, wasn’t breathing a whole lot.”

Texting her son, “Help me,” when the strapping 6′ 6″ lad appeared the bear moved on to ply his sniff trade elsewhere.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is bringing out a bear trap.

Meanwhile FWC Commissioners this year elected not to hold an annual bear hunt– despite growing populations– due to push back from anti-hunting groups after last year’s season brought in so many animals that it was cut short by conservation officials.

This comes as the number of adult bear in the state’s wilderness top 4,350, in some management areas an increase of more than 138 percent from a decade ago.

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