Patterning the sawed off SEA Bears Bark 20 ga. shotgun (VIDEO)

The NFA Review Channel pattern tests the Florida-based South East Arms’ Bears Bark abbreviated side-by-side shotty.

Starting with a full-length Stoeger Uplander shotgun; the barrels are cut and machined flush at 10-inches long and the rib gap is filled. Then the stock and furniture is cut, shaped in a birdhandle grip and re-checkered to give it a factory look rather than something done in a garage somewhere. SEA makes them in 20, 28 .410 and 12– thought they caution against the latter.

Overall, it’s super short at just 18.5-inches and tips the scales at a bit over 4.5-pounds.

They test it out with birdshot, buck and slugs to 21 feet.

And before you ask, no, you shouldn’t shoot it one-handed.

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