Praying and partying to help make America great again (VIDEO)

I recently attended Freedom Fest in Louisville, Kentucky on Aug. 7 at the Heart of Fire Church, half place of worship and half biker bar. A good part of the congregation showed up on their Harleys, sporting their bibles and sidearms.

The event was organized by the church’s pastor, Pope Dan Johnson, to show support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“We are here today to help make America great again.” pastor Johnson told me. “I hope our soon-to-be-president Donald J. Trump, that has that as his slogan, but it should be every American’s slogan. We need to wake up, change how things have been and make things come back to being great again. It’s something that needs to be part of every Americans prayer every day, and things that they do to make that happen.”

The event featured a free concert by Andy RossLittle Texas and the famed Heart of Fire gun choir, singing their rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

Roughly one thousand people attended the event, including Kentucky’s 38th District state Sen. Dan Seum.

“My constitution says that I have a right to bear arms.” Mr. Seum said, addressing the audience. “It doesn’t say a damn thing about going out and getting a license. And I tell everybody that I may or may not carry. It ain’t none of this government’s damn business whether I do or not.”

Before the concert began, pastor Johnson gave an emotional speech.

“It’s never been like this to me before. But all of a sudden I see a flag flying and tears roll down my face. Because we’re so close to losing this freedom. We are so close to losing this country. And the American public, our citizens, better realize we are one vote away from a president of either winning this country back or losing it. You better know that. Donald Trump, we need you.”

Additional camera thanks to Todd Causley.

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