A look inside the German Gewehr 1888 rifle (VIDEOS)

The German Gewehr 1888 “Commission Rifle” was an important step in a long line of Teutonic bolt-action service rifles, but do you want see what makes it work?

The above video, from the fine firearms collectors over at C&Rsenal, is part of their Primer series on classic service weapons. For a design that is well over a century old and was only a generation or so removed from percussion ignition muzzle loaders, the 8.5-pound 88 was pretty advanced. It used a bidirectional enbloc clip that held five rounds of 8mm Mauser.

Would you like to know more?

Othais and Mae with C&Rsenal have an in-depth video on the Gew’88 or “Komissiongewehr” below that will take you through your lunch break. Enjoy!

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