NM public schools soon to be outfitted with shotguns, AR-15s (VIDEO)

The Los Alamos school board approved plans last week to add gun safes stocked with shotguns and AR-15s to the middle school and high school campuses.

Los Alamos Police Chief Dino Sgambellone said the school resource officers already carry weapons, but they simply want a secure means to store additional firearms at the schools to be available primarily in the event of an active shooter situation. Sgambellone believes it would be better long arms to be stored in safes inside the schools as opposed to in the SRO’s squad car.

“Even the two minutes it would take to get there and back lives are potentially being lost. So to have more of a quick access that’s left in a secure fashion and would only be taken out during the most extreme situations to me is prudent, “ Sgambellone explained.

The safes will be kept in a private location away from students and only the SROs will have access to them. There are still some details to be worked out, but the plan is to have the safes in the schools by the end of the year.

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