Trump supporter sets booby trap after signs stolen from yard (VIDEO)

09/7/16 8:12 AM | by

Trump signs

An Indianapolis homeowner fed up with people destroying the pro-Trump signs in his yard had the last laugh after he booby trapped the signs.

The man, who only wanted to be identified as Phillip, had his signs tampered with twice in a matter of weeks, so he mounted a game cam to a tree in his yard and strung some green fishing line through the signs.

The game cam captured the moment a woman unsuccessfully tried to tamper with the signs. She grabbed the signs and attempted to run off with them, but instead got tripped up and fell face first to the ground. Phillip didn’t recognize the woman, but turned the video over to authorities.

Meanwhile, he has a message for others with political opinions differing from his own.

“Whether it’s a Bernie or Hillary or a Trump sign, you might disagree with whatever the politics are, but it’s not yours,” he said. “Leave it alone.”

[ ABC 6 ]

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