Authorities in Atlanta express concern over growing gun violence (VIDEO)

With growing concerns about violence, authorities in Atlanta are trying a new program to get illegal guns off of the streets.

Since February, “Operation Whiplash” has seen about 1,300 illegal guns taken off of the city’s streets, over three-fourths of which were determined to be stolen, mostly from other states.

“We have to do something about the gun violence in Atlanta,” said Atlanta police Sergeant Warren Pickard. “As police officers it’s very concerning to us the level of gun violence that is taking place in the city.”

Pickard noted that while it appears the new operation is working, it’s still too early to say what kind of an impact it may have on the city’s gun violence problem. And Pickard said if the program doesn’t show significant progress, they need to turn to lawmakers for help.

“The state has passed measures to allow guns everywhere, in the last couple of years, what I call the guns everywhere bill. The state has to be responsible and work with the city to keep guns off the streets, keep them out of the hands of criminals,” added Senator Vincent Fort.

Fort believes it will take the actions of the entire community coming together to actually solve the problem.

[ Fox 5 ]

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