Massachusetts AG investigating Remington, Glock over alleged defects

Two major gun companies sued Massachusetts’ Attorney General Maura Healy over her probe into alleged defects of their products, according to a story published by the Boston Globe.

Details about the investigations were released in their lawsuits, which they filed separately, the Globe reported.

Healy invoked her powers under the state’s consumer protection law to demand that both companies turn over a wide range of documents, including safety related complaints from customers and their responses.

A Healy spokeswoman told the Globe that the attorney general is asking the gun makers to turn over customer complaints because firearms are one of the only products not regulated by the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The attorney general’s investigation looks at accidental discharges attributed to Glock pistol’s lack of a manual safety. It’s unclear Healy’s focus investigating Remington, however, the company has been the subject of scores of lawsuits regarding a defective trigger design.

In July, Healy renewed an effort to enforce a state assault weapons ban by targeting copycat weapons.

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