Sailor who filmed herself sitting during colors in hot water (VIDEO)

An unidentified female Sailor at Naval Air Technical Training Center in Pensacola, Florida who posted a video of herself sitting in protest during morning colors is facing possible punishment.

The eight-minute video, which shows a young female Sailor in personal PT gear and gold Beats purposely sitting during the National Anthem on base while she holds up her left fist in protest. Distinctive buildings at NAS Pensacola are visible throughout the video.

“People always want to say, you know, ‘men and women have died for this flag,'” she says as she walks away. “No, correction, men and women have died for my right and Colin Kaepernick’s right, to determine whether or not we want to stand or sit and that’s the thing people really don’t understand…”

Before deciding to sit, which is a violation of military protocol, the Sailor says she is nervous because some Marines are nearby. She called the act, “the hardest 45 seconds of my life.”

The video circulated this week on US Army Military Police WTF Moments who noted, “It’s one thing to exercise your rights and sit down during the anthem at a game, but as a service member on an installation?”

As reported Wednesday by, Lt. Cmdr. Kate Meadows, a spokeswoman for Naval Education and Training Command, said actions were ongoing regarding the Sailor, but declined to specify what they were.

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