Teen who planned to execute non-whites gets 37 months on machine gun charge

Shane Smith

Shane “Robert” Smith wasn’t shy in expressing his desire to wreak havoc on non-white races. (Photo: ABC)

A 19-year-old man from Whitehall, New York, was sentenced Tuesday to 37 months in prison for illegal possession of a machine gun.

Shane “Robert” Smith was arrested last August after attempting to purchase a full-auto, military grade M-16, a MAC-10, and other items from an undercover officer.

Authorities launched an investigation into Smith’s activities in May 2014 after he was arrested for creating racially-charged graffiti. Following the arrest, authorities learned of Smith’s plans to “execute” individuals who were not of the white race, and Smith’s parents and grandparents confirmed the teen began buying an assortment of weaponry immediately after he was released from jail.

Smith didn’t shy away from expressing his beliefs or his love for violence either, sharing on social media that his interested included “guns, gun smithing, building bombs, knives, guerilla (sic) warfare, preserving my race and folk, and destroying the government.”

The teen also admitted to attempts to form a “militant terrorist” army, which was known as the Silent Resistance Army. The group was described as a “true underground Aryan militant army with only men who are not scared to kill or die to make change happen.”

During the course of the investigation, Smith told undercover officers his plans to obtain fully automatic firearms, as well as convert semi-auto to full-auto and use those weapons to kill racial and religious minorities.

“Our Joint Terrorism Task Force identified Shane Smith as a potential threat and quickly worked to neutralize him so that he would not be able to carry out a hate-inspired act of violence,” U.S. Attorney Richard S. Hartunian said in a statement. “This investigation and prosecution is an example of the kind of work that we and our law enforcement partners do every day to keep our citizens safe, which is our top priority.”

Following his three-year sentence, Smith will also be required to complete three years of supervised release.

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