Woman grabs gun, saves husband during home invasion

A Florida woman stood up against three intruders who broke into her Port Richey home last week, intervening when one of them aimed a gun at her husband.

According to reports from the Tampa Bay Times, police say the three suspects broke into the home just before 9 p.m. on Aug. 31. Once inside, one of the suspects pointed a gun at the male homeowner’s head, forced him to the ground, then checked his wallet for cash.

But unbeknown to the intruders, the woman snuck off and ran into the bedroom where she retrieved her own firearm. The woman emerged from the bedroom to find all three suspects standing over her husband. She then pointed the gun at the suspects and yelled at them to “freeze.” All three immediately ran toward the front door in an attempt to escape.

As the suspects made their way to the door, the woman again told them to freeze, but her request went ignored. Two of the suspects took off, but when the third suspect turned around once he reached the door and came at the woman in what she perceived as a threatening manner, she fired two shots, striking the suspect in the shoulder.

At that point, the woman’s husband intervened and a physical altercation ensued between the husband and the suspect, who was later identified as 46-year-old Michael Jay Shackelford. The two tussled, during which time they both struggled to gain control of Shackelford’s gun, which police say was stolen. As the men continued to fight, a neighbor came over and offered assistance. The two were able to subdue Shackelford and hold him until police arrived a short time later.

Shackelford was taken to a Tampa hospital, where he was treated for what was deemed non-life threatening injuries. Once released, he was charged with home invasion robbery with a deadly weapon.

Records indicate Shackelford had a prior criminal history that included both felony and misdemeanor counts of theft.

The remaining two suspects were not caught.

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