DIY .45ACP home-built pistol actually hits the target (VIDEO)

Backyard weapon designer Royal Nonesuch has perfected his RN45, a break-action single-shot Liberator style pistol in .45ACP. Well, perfected enough for him anyway.

Sure, he is kinda goofy, but if you have been following him like we have you have to admit his designs have advanced a good bit in the past few years and he has gotten (a little) safer.

The gun is made from a rifled barrel he bought off eBay for $20, a paintball gun marker trigger group, and some odds and ends.

He’s been working on the RN45 for a minute and finally decided to add some sights to it, plugging most targets at 7 yards and moving back to 40 yards to fire in the general direction of some silhouette targets.

“It’s still probably more accurate than Glock…” he says.

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