Man shot after trying to run over woman, child (VIDEO)

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A man was shot in Phoenix Sunday night after attempting to run over a woman and child during a domestic dispute.

Police say the man and woman were in the vehicle with their 3-year-old little girl when the couple started to argue. As the argument escalated, the woman and child got out of the vehicle, but then the man placed the vehicle in reverse and tried to run over the woman and child.

However, someone nearby witnessed the incident unfold and fired at the man while he was still in the vehicle. The man drove away and the armed citizen fled from the scene as well. But about 15 minutes later, police received a phone call from the man, who had been shot in the shoulder.

Meanwhile, authorities still do not know the identity of the armed citizen and have not been able to find him.

The woman and child were uninjured during the incident, and the man is facing charges.

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