New social media site sweeps up gun supporters Facebook tosses out

WeaponsFeed gun social media

WeaponsFeed offers gun supporters a social media outlet to discuss gun, ammo and gear. (Photo: WeaponsFeed)

A new social media platform called WeaponsFeed aims to give gun owners and outdoor enthusiasts an online resource to voice their thoughts and opinions without the fear of banning or harassment associated with other networks.

“When the web’s largest social media community began denying manufacturers the right to promote their products, we were determined to create a pro-firearm and outdoor community that would allow everybody that enjoys the hobby to come together as one,” a press release said.

The site is still in beta testing but developers are steadily adding users via a waitlist to test out and comment on the work in progress. Users say the experience so far has been well worth the wait.

“So far I am seeing really good things. Love the interaction with like-minded people. Everybody is happy and excited to be part of the community,” user GunsCutleryandGear posted on the site.

“WeaponsFeed is one of the first social networking sites that seems to function in a way that is relatable with current trendy social media platforms,” Timothy Rox told in a message. “I joined to support this website, get some news out (and in) from a a place that will not be tampered by media standards.”

Developers behind the site told users are reporting positive experiences on the site.

“We have a few large industry leaders onboard. And the response from our users has been great,” WeaponsFeed told in a message. “Everybody loves the platform, and everybody is interacting with each other, sharing tips and really coming together to support the hobby/industry a lot of us enjoy.”

Gun supporters began migrating away from Facebook after the social media giant put the kibosh on guns and ammo purchases on its site and sister site Instagram. Though the move was meant to target firearms transfers, some 2A advocates say the site hasn’t shied away from shutting down member profiles and pages of gun retailers and supporters.

As more gun activists feel censored on Facebook, many have looked elsewhere for their social media fix. WeaponsFeed developers said they’re looking to fill that void with an intuitive platform that allows both gun supporters and retailers the ability to share.

“With other social networks, your posts are only seen by about three percent of your audience, (even sponsored posts), but on WeaponsFeed, every user can see them,” a press release by the company said. “WeaponsFeed allows guns, ammo, and other related products to be advertised for and talked about.”

The gun-themed site has already developed and launched an Android App available for download in Google Play. As of now, Apple users are left to navigate the site through a browser; but developers are working on an iOS app.

Though the site requires a special invite code to join, pro-gunners can reserve a spot on the waiting list by visiting WeaponsFeed and registering.

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