SAAMI on salvaging wet ammo

Following last month’s catastrophic flooding in large parts of Louisiana, the organization that creates safety and technical standards for firearm ammunition published guidelines for salvaging wet ammo.

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute along with the gun industry’s trade association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, published the document to help gun owners determine what to do with ammo that has been affected by water and moisture.

The short answer, they say, is err on the side of caution and do not try to salvage ammo that has been completely submerged in water. Using such ammo could result in damage to firearms and serious bodily harm. Instead, contact local law enforcement for instruction on disposing it safely and responsibly.

But for ammunition that has experienced simple exposure to moisture, SAAMI suggests it could still be good depending on the type. Centerfire rifle, handgun and shotshell could be salvaged if exposure is limited and it’s dried immediately, but rimfire is much more susceptible to damage.

Last month, the NSSF, which lobbies on behalf of gun makers, distributors and retailers, allocated $100,000 to aid members whose storefronts or ranges were damaged in the flooding. The state government said the flooding has caused more than $8 billion in damages.

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