Trump supporter gives sign thieves a shock… literally (VIDEO)

One Washington man got tired of people stealing the Donald Trump signs from his property in Bellingham, so he got creative with a little copper wire and electric fence unit. The results left the thieves shocked… literally.

“Earlier in the year I started putting up signs,” said Ray Gilbride. “Some like it, some don’t, but it’s freedom of speech, right?”

Well, apparently others’ dislike for the presidential candidate trumps Gilbride’s freedom to show his support, but now, the thieves get a jolt, “just enough to surprise them,” when they try to trump Gilbride’s freedom of speech.

Gilbride sees nothing wrong with his set-up and, in fact, noted that if parents had done their job, he wouldn’t be having to take care of it now. Likewise, local authorities say as long as nobody is injured, Gilbride has the right to protect his property and is not breaking any laws.

[ NBC 4 ]

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