Watch this guy escape from a Vegas police interrogation room (VIDEO)

A 25-year-old man is back in police custody after he escaped from an interrogation room at the Las Vegas Police Department on September 2, and the escape was all captured on video.

Alonso Perez is the suspect in the August shooting death of Mohammad Robinson, 31. Witnesses say Perez and Robinson got into an argument outside of a McDonald’s restaurant after Robinson failed to hold open the door for a woman.

As Perez sat in the interrogation room alone, he is seen working his handcuffs until they break apart. Perez then spends a short time planning a way to make his escape before he decides on crawling out through the ceiling.

Perez’s escape led to a manhunt, but when he was located, he engaged in a three-hour standoff with police. He was finally again apprehended again and is now being held without bail – and presumably with better security.

Perez faces charges for domestic battery, discharging a gun at or into an occupied structure, vehicle, or craft and assault with a deadly weapon, with additional charges likely.

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