Footage from inside a 10,000-pound explosive shock trial on a warship (VIDEOS)

OK, OK, it may be a stretch to call the littoral combat ship a “warship” but the Navy just released some footage of one getting the full shock trial treatment from 5-tons of boom.

Despite the outcry of some against the naming of USS Jackson (LCS 6), the Navy’s newest littoral combat ship (a type criticized for being very lightly armed and kind of cranky when it comes to moving about under their own power) was subjected to some full ship shock trials earlier this summer off the Florida coast that were so big that people in the Sunshine State thought they were having an earthquake.

The trials test the ship’s capability to withstand underwater explosions such as in the above image.

Among the myriad of roles LCS ships such as Jackson are envisioned of completing is mine hunting, which any ship can do once, but the Navy hopes the LCS can do repeatedly provided it has the right modules.

For some comparison videos, here are the destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill and mine hunter USS Osprey going through similar tests 7 and 12 years ago, respectively.


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