House Dems gun control ‘Twitterstorm’ shows great copy/paste skills

A number of lawmakers responded to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s call to online action Wednesday by tweeting out jabs calling for a vote on gun control measures.

The Daily Caller News Foundation on Tuesday obtained a leaked email circulating among House members to stand with the House Gun Task Force (HouseGVP) at 12:30 p.m.on Wednesday by tweeting a series of suggested messages aimed at Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan in an effort to get a vote on various gun control legislation.

Below are sample tweets followed by the representative who used them (it’s like looking into a crystal ball).

I stand with @HouseGVP in demanding a vote on gun violence prevention legislation #NoFlyNoBuy  #CloseTheLoophole #GunVote

Thousands killed w/ guns over reckless Republican recess. When will @SpeakerRyan give us a vote? #NoFlyNoBuy #CloseTheLoophole #GunVote

272 mass shootings this year. When will @SpeakerRyan give us a vote? #NoFlyNoBuy  #CloseTheLoophole #GunVote

Enough moments of silence.  We need moments of action.  @SpeakerRyan: give us a vote #NoFlyNoBuy  #CloseTheLoophole #GunVote

Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette reversed the order of the above, because she is a maverick:

I stand with @HouseGVP in demanding a vote on gun violence prevention legislation #NoFlyNoBuy  #CloseTheLoophole #GunVote

85% of people support closing gun show loophole. @SpeakerRyan give us a vote #CloseTheLoophole #GunVote

Speaking of statistics, if 85 percent is good, 90 and 92 percent (or any statistic at all) must be better:

And those not using suggested tweets, but attributing the hashtags #NoFlyNoBuy #CloseTheLoophole #GunVote directed @SpeakerRyan (and often with some pretty swag graphics) are:

And for the grand finale, both Rep. Ann McLane Kuster and Minority Leader “what about the children” Pelosi were able to get some CSPAN clips from today’s floor activities in time for the twitter blitzkrieg (though Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, firing his tweet off early in the morning, did not):

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