Man makes public apology after Facebook photo with gun to dog’s head (VIDEO)

A man from Sheffield, Alabama, found himself making a public apology over the weekend after outrage ensued over photos he posted to Facebook showing him holding a gun to a puppy’s head.

Authorities searched for Zachary Wade Moore Jr. for more than a week before finally catching up with him in Mississippi thanks to a tip. Investigators said Moore repeatedly apologized for his actions, which he called “stupid.” Moore said he had been drinking with friends that day and was just messing around on Facebook. He said the gun wasn’t real and he would never intentionally harm a dog.

Moore was not charged with a crime, and the dog, which seemed more annoyed by the obnoxious man than anything, was not harmed.

“On this dog situation, look world, I’m sorry, it was a mistake. Just me messing around on Facebook and it went way out of control,” Moore said in the apologetic video.

[ KTLA ]

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