Mobile app streamlines NFA application process

Silencer Shop

The new Silencer Shop mobile app complements the company’s new kiosks which digitally processes fingerprints and signatures.  (Photo: Silencer Shop)

Silencer Shop recently announced the arrival of its Android and iPhone compatible mobile app aimed at streamlining the application process for buying a silencer.

The app, available in both Google Play and Apple’s App Store, allows users to take passport-sized photographs using the phone’s camera. Photos can then be digitally transferred to Silencer Shop for inclusion on NFA form 4.

The app coincides with Silencer Shop’s Secure Identity Document kiosks which digitally processes fingerprints and signatures. The combination of the two elements eliminates the need for a trip to local law enforcement or nearby drugstores.

“For many silencer enthusiasts, the all-important photo aspect of the silencer registration process involves driving several miles to the nearest pharmacy or post office for a picture that meets ATF requirements. Traffic, inclement weather, faulty equipment, and long lines merely add to the inconvenience of this step,” Silencer Shop’s blog says. “Thankfully, those days are over! By downloading our new mobile app, you become your own photographer.”

In addition to photo-taking, the mobile app also bundles a kiosk locator to track down the nearest S.I.D. equipped facility.

Previously, suppressor fans could apply directly with the ATF through the eForms system. Updated regulations that went into effect in mid-July of this year now require fingerprints and photographs from all applicants. This move ended the eForms website, pushing NFA collectors back into police stations to complete orders.

A Silencer Shop online account is required prior to uploading information, but once data is submitted it’s stored for future use. Online account registration can be completed via Silencer Shop’s website.

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