CO family gets scare of a lifetime after SWAT wrongfully conducts raid (VIDEO)

The raid of a Clifton, Colorado, home Wednesday was terribly botched when authorities targeted the right home with the wrong family.

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office received information concerning a large amount of methamphetamine and firearms in the home. After securing a search warrant, SWAT conducted the raid, but it wasn’t until after they were in the home that they realized the people for whom they were searching were no longer living at the home. Unbeknown to authorities, the suspects apparently moved out and a family with several children moved in.

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office confirmed in a statement that they met with the family – including the children – and explained how the mistake was made. Additionally, the sheriff’s office promised to replace the windows, repair the door and – due to concerns over broken glass – have new carpet installed at the family’s home.

The sheriff’s office also noted:

Ultimately, the most important thing law enforcement can do after an incident like this is carefully evaluate what happened, and determine how we can prevent such a mistake from happening again. We will be doing just that.

We are so grateful that no one was hurt, and we want to publicly apologize to the family, and acknowledge what a frightening and disconcerting experience this must have been for them.

We are committed to being transparent in our operations, and that includes the bad, as well as the good. We appreciate the support and encouragement we receive from our community, and we remain dedicated to being worthy of your trust.

[ 9 News ]

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