'I'm not messing around' says homeowner after doorbell cam catches burglar (VIDEO)

A homeowner who was victim to a discreet home invasion caught partially on camera isn’t taking chances the second time around and has bought a gun.

The incident, as reported by WFAA News 8, occurred early Monday morning in the Claremont area of East Dallas. A doorbell camera caught video of a young man moments before he entered the occupied dwelling through a window he found unlocked and made away with a purse and wallet.

“I can literally hear the door opening and somebody running off,” said Mouk Chounlamany, who was asleep with his seven month-pregnant wife. “So I grab my hammer and I said ‘it’s going to go down.’ I’m going to take this guy out. He doesn’t know I’m coming. And if he sees me it’s gonna happen. That’s what’s going through my mind.”

Police arrived 90 minutes later.

The burglar beat feet but the homeowner is ramping up security with four new cameras, new window sensors, a 9mm pistol with hollow point bullets, and an adopted dog.

“No, I’m not messing around,” Chounlamany said.

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