Woman calls 911 before she’s gunned down on Phoenix freeway (VIDEO)

On Monday, authorities released a 911 transcript of a call that was placed by a 49-year-old woman before she was gunned down on a Phoenix freeway nearly two weeks ago.

Dinya Farmer called 911 from her car after she realized she was being followed, then chased by three men in a truck. She pleaded with the operator for help, giving a description of the men and the truck before finally asking, “What should I do?”

Moments later, Farmer said, “They’re right next to me.”

The next thing heard by the 911 dispatcher was a noise believed to be gunshots.

The operator then asked repeatedly, “Ma’am, are you there?” In fact, the operator tried more than 30 times to get a response from Farmer, all to no avail. The call was eventually disconnected and, once located, Farmer was pronounced dead at the scene.

The incident is still under investigation and while authorities do not have a motive or any suspects in custody, they do not believe the shooting was a random act or the result of road rage.

The truck was described as white with a ladder and tool box. Farmer said one of the men was wearing an “Army shirt.”

[ 12 News ]

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