Dramatic footage shows AH-64 Apache nose over into sea while on exercise (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, a Greek Army AH-64D participating in a training exercise crash landed near the coast, and immediately flipped into the shallow water.

The Associated Press, reporting from Thessaloniki, stated the helicopter suffered engine failure and dropped into the sea off the northern coast of Greece near the town of Asprovalta.

In the footage above, the gunship comes in hard and you can see survivors pop to the surface.

Both aircrew members were uninjured but were transported to a military hospital to be checked out.

They were participating in the annual SARISA 2016 exercise as reported by The Aviationist, and likely hail from the 1st or 2nd Battalion of Attack Helicopters from Volos. The Hellenic Army has lost a full quarter of their AH-64Ds in recent years due to accidents.

This goes to show why Helicopter Underwater Egress Training is no bullshit in the U.S. military.

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