Mike Rowe really doesn't like drones, and keeps a 12 gauge under the bed

“Dirty Jobs Guy Totally Loses It – Gets Naked and Shoots Drone From San Francisco Skies,” was a headline that kept Mike Rowe from smoking a quad copter over his house with a Mossberg.

As related in a post on social media, Rowe, “Dressed in my favorite pair of non-existent pajamas,” lept from his bed to the sound of a giant bumble bee and his dog Freddy barking to find a hobby drone, with GoPro attached, three feet from his window.

“I was incensed, and as Freddy egged me on with a chorus of snarls and barks, I moved onto my second instinct – an irresistible urge to blow the contraption out of the sky. Seconds later I’d pulled the Mossburg 12-guage from under my bed and grabbed the cellphone from the bedside table,” he wrote.

Ready to fight while naked–the true mark of any man worth his salt– Rowe went out to his deck and took aim at the plastic beast.

“I pumped a shell into the chamber, enjoying the ‘crunch-crunch’ sound that makes shotguns worth owning. I had a clear shot – nothing but blue sky above – and more than enough umbrage to justify the destruction I was about to unleash,” he said.

Then, taking a moment of pause– also a mark of a true man– Rowe thought things through.

“I froze, because I could see the video that might very well appear on the local news, (with considerable blurring, naturally.) The same video that might soon appear on my mother’s computer screen, along with the headline – ‘Dirty Jobs Guy Totally Loses It – Gets Naked and Shoots Drone From San Francisco Skies.’”

As such, he called the law and put the shotgun away, but he did get a photo of said offending quad copter for posterity.

Leave Me Adrone! Early this morning, deep in the middle of some sort of strange gardening dream, I was awakened by the…

Posted by Mike Rowe on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Rowe’s actions picked up at least one like on social media from a Medal of Honor holder.

"I pumped a shell into the chamber, enjoying the “crunch-crunch” sound that makes shotguns worth owning."That's the most American thing I've heard today.

Posted by Dakota Meyer on Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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