Oakland Police delete 25 percent of their body cam archive by accident

Police in Oakland sheepishly admitted in court last week that two years ago city employees derped and wiped out a fourth of their stored body cam footage during an upgrade.

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, the revelation came during the murder trial two men for the killing of a 66-year old woman. While the footage was considered minor to the case in relation to other evidence and testimony, Oakland police Sgt. Dave Burke related that, “Nothing should have ever been lost from the system.”

A police spokesman followed up with the explanation that, while upgrading the agency’s computer system in October 2014, a simple slip up deleted 25 percent of the archive which dated back to 2009 by checking the wrong box.

Worse, a redundant backup system that would have proved a fail safe to the deletion had been bought but not set up.

[ San Francisco Chronicle ]

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